Women’s Issues

Advocacy for women's issues is a core commitment during Senator Watters' 4 terms in the Senate. During the 2010-12 sessions he fought back against Speaker O’Brien and Bill O'Connor’s extremist attacks on women’s health care, and economic security and reproductive rights. I am running for the Senate committed to defend and move forward again on women’s issues. 

He sponsored and supported important legislation for women’s economic security, rights, and health care: 

  •         Cosponsored the New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act.
  •         Cosponsored “Joshua's Law,” establishing domestic abuse as a discreet crime.
  •         Prime sponsor of SB 348, establishing a commission on child sexual abuse prevention education.
  •         Supported SB 319, the Clinic buffer zone act.
  •         Supported the New Hampshire Health Protection Act, expanding coverage to over 50,000 low-income citizens and ensuring coverage of women’s health needs.
  •         Supported raising the New Hampshire minimum wage.
  •         Supported the bipartisan budget with funding for education, mental health, and job training.
  •         Prime sponsor of bills to increase workforce and facilitate other housing development.
  •         Supported increased funding for schools, the USNH, CCSNH, and Career and Technical Education Centers, with an emphasis on increasing enrollment of women in STEM fields.
  •         Prime sponsor of legislation to refocus and strengthen the Governor's Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention & Treatment, with an effort to fully fund its programs.
  •        Prime sponsor of bills to provide a clean and healthy environment, with a special emphasis on adaptation to global warming and sea-level rise