July 23, 2018

Somersworth gets $200k to clean contaminated site


July 18, 2018

NH Brewers Fest, Toast to Eagle Celebrates Beer, History

"At the time of the placement of the golden eagle on June 18, 1818, there were 13 toasts given. On Saturday, Sen. David Watters lead a reenactment of the original toasting. The toasts themselves were recited by members of the state including House Clerk Paul Smith, members of both chambers and representatives from various state departments."


July 18, 2018

EPA Impressed by Dover's Barry Brook Restoration


July 12, 2018

Lydia's House of Hope Embraced by Community

“'The CEO of Planet Fitness wanted to help us, so he is building a workout room in the basement,' said [Teresa] Tozier. 'People came to take measurements and the governor is paying for the electrical work that will be needed. I used to think we didn’t need government help here, but so many officials have come forward to help, like the governor, the city council, and like state Senator David Watters, that my opinion on that is changing. I realize there are things they can do that I cannot.'"


June 29, 2018

Dover passes ordinance to raise smoking age to 21

"State Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, supported the proposed state law and urged councilors to pass the ordinance in Dover. Watters said the smoking age is going up in other states. Starting in July, anyone under the age of 21 will not be allowed to buy tobacco products just across the border in Maine."


June 20, 2018

Net Metering Dims Dover's Solar Hopes

"Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, a co-sponsor of the bill, said there is an effort to override the veto, but he’s unsure if there will be enough votes. 'It’s very hard to override a veto. I think we have enough votes in the Senate, but we may not have enough in the house,' he said."


June 2, 2018

Preservation of historic battle flags at the State House is a battle in itself

"'I worked very hard to develop a plan for the flag preservation, and we secured funding in the capital budget for new cases,' said Watters, who also sponsored the legislation creating the commemorative bottle program at the state liquor stores."


May 14, 2018

Sen Watters to hold series of visits

"State Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, will be holding a series of four office hours to speak with constituents and local officials throughout Senate District 4 about the issues that matter most to New Hampshire, following the end of the 2018 legislative session."


April 24, 2018

All-electronic tolling on Spaulding almost a reality

"The 10-year plan still needs to be voted on by the full Senate delegation, and the ironing out of any differences between the House and Senate versions before going to the governor’s desk for final approval. But District 4 state Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, believes it is all but a done deal at this point.

"Watters introduced a bill last year that would have authorized AET, but the legislation was killed. He told Foster’s Daily Democrat on Tuesday that last year’s bill was to make sure the conversation on AET got started. But for it to become a reality, it still needed to be included in this year’s 10-year plan."


March 1, 2018

NH Senate OKs electric vehicle charging bills

“'New Hampshire should be well-positioned to take advantage of the new technology,' said Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, sponsor of the two bills.

"While at this point there may not be many electric vehicles operated by New Hampshire residents, he said, in 'eastern Massachusetts there are many more, and they should be able to get up to Conway, have a good time and grab a meal and make sure they can come home.'"


February 27, 2018

Watters to be honored at Democrats dinner

"Dover Democrats will hold their annual Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt dinner on Saturday, April 14, at the Hellenic Center in Dover. State Sen. David Watters will be honored."


November 10, 2017

Q&A with State Sen. David Watters

"Days before Hurricane Harvey devastated coastal Texas with unprecedented rain and flooding, followed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, NH Sen. David Watters, a Dover Democrat, told NH Business Review he was concerned about a recent executive order by President Trump that reversed an Obama administration initiative on preparing for coastal flooding across the country."


July 27, 2018

Sen Watters loves nephew Jesse, but not Jesse's politics

“'I love Jesse -- hate his politics,' David Watters said. 'Bill O’Reilly was a great mentor for him and was at Jesse’s wedding. Jesse and I have a lot of fun teasing each other about politics.'"