Letters to the Editor


Re-elect Watters
Foster's Daily Democrat
October 6, 2014 -- link

To the editor: Senate Republicans in Concord have spent the last two years keeping the state from moving forward. They blocked legislation that would establish a state minimum wage and lift thousands of families out of poverty. To make matters worse, they fought tooth and nail against giving 50,000 hardworking Granite Staters the security of knowing they wouldn’t have to chose between getting health care and putting food on their dining room table.

Even in the face of Republican opposition to a pro-middle class agenda, economic opportunities in our state are expanding. New Hampshire’s economy is growing, our unemployment rate is falling and in state-tuition costs are frozen.

New Hampshire families cannot afford a return to the Bill O’Brien years of partisan extremism — attacks on working families, women and equality of opportunity. That means we need all hands on deck to re-elect, David Watters to the State Senate.

We already know the Koch Brothers and their shady friends are going to pour their out-of-state money into the towns and cities where we grew up and raised our families to back extremist candidates and advance their divisive agenda. That means we can’t take anything for granted this election. District 4 needs a sensible, pragmatic, Senator, like David Watters to get things done. Too many Granite State families depend on it.

John C. Joyal


Re-Elect Watters
Foster's Daily Democrat
August 8, 2014 -- Link

To the editor: Given the assault on women’s access to contraception and health care at the national level, it is critical to defend these rights in New Hampshire. I rallied at the State House 3 years ago when extremists tried to outlaw a women’s right to make her own choices about health care and to force pregnant women to undergo intrusive examinations. My friend, David Watters, joined us at that rally and spoke for us in the legislature, and he has stood strong on women’s issues in the Senate.

Women’s health and rights depend on legislators who will take a stand on these issues and then be leaders in Concord. Special interest groups and political extremists targeted the health care expansion this session because they include coverage of women’s health. Preexisting conditions like breast cancer are covered, as are routine gynecological exams, and contraception. No longer will being a woman be a “preexisting condition” not covered in health insurance plans. Senator Watters spoke, wrote, and fought for the bipartisan bill that passed the Senate. 

He also showed his leadership by cosponsoring “Joshua’s Law,” which makes it easier to prosecute domestic violence attackers. He cosponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure women earn equal pay for an equal day’s work. Since many small businesses are woman-owned, David has worked to keep business taxes low and to cut red tape in Concord.

Sen. Watters will always listen to women in District 4. Women need to work to re-elect him to the Senate.

Catherine Pritchett


For Sen. Watters
Foster's Daily Democrat
July 29, 2014 -- Link

To the editor: When Gov. Hassan signed the bill providing $13.5 million for the construction of Dover’s Career and Technical Education Center, I was proud to call Sen. Watters my senator. He truly is our education senator, and that is why I will support him on Election Day.

I fully endorse his support for career and technical education. This is essential to economic development in District 4 and it is the path to creating 21st Century jobs, which require technical skills that employers need in health care, advanced manufacturing, and other fields. Because of Sen, Watters, Dover-area students will have a modern facility with expanded programs and new business partnerships further cementing Dover’s place on the map as a center for good jobs in skilled trades. Dover’s CTE will be a low-cost pathway to higher education, helping families save on the cost of college.

Funding for Dover’s CTE will save taxpayers nearly $3M on the cost of this project, and takes a big bite out of the cost of the proposed high school project. The School Board and City Council have worked hard to control educational costs, so it’s a huge help to have increased state support. This help is on top of the increased adequacy aid Sen. Watters secured in the budget for Dover to save money for taxpayers every year. 

Mayor Weston, all the members of the city council and school board, and City Manager Joyal deserve credit for their hard work in partnership with Sen. Watters to do what was needed to get this project funded.

Betsy Andrews Parker


Support for Watters
Foster's Daily Democrat
July 17, 2014

To the editor: I am writing to offer my endorsement of Senator David Watters for his decades of dedication to equality and justice for people of all races. I support candidates who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk of equal opportunity and opposition to discrimination. Senator Watters is a Silver Life member of the NAACP and the Seacoast NAACP chapter, and he has worked closely with me, chapter president, on voting rights and other civil rights issues.

I’ve known Senator Watters for over 20 years and have seen how he embraces the changing communities of District 4 to ensure that all citizens can participate fully in our democracy. He draws on the experiences of his own biracial family, but he also has a deep understanding of racial history in NH. As a UNH professor, teaching African American literature and history, the founder of the Black New England Conference, and a Board member of the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail, he has increased awareness of the hidden history of diversity in New Hampshire. 

As a Senator and Rep., David Watters has demonstrated his leadership through legislation. He cosponsored the bill to retroactively emancipate Portsmouth slaves who petitioned for freedom in 1779, and he fought against attempts to restrict voting rights. He stood with the NAACP to support death penalty repeal. He fought for marriage equality, and met with local police to promote sensible policies on immigration status. It is an honor for me to support such a person as David Watters.

Purnell “Fred” Ross


My Senator
Foster's Daily Democrat
July 14, 2014

To the editor: To serve effectively in Concord, a state senator has to listen to voters and local officials about what can be done to improve the economy and to promote community values. It takes an ability to work in Concord with both parties, the Governor, and agencies. For the past two years, District 4 has had a “can-do” senator, David Watters. His accomplishments this term prove he has kept his pledge to restore civility to Concord and to work tirelessly for jobs, education, and middle-class families. We can’t go back to the extremism of the last legislature, and that is why I am supporting Sen. Watters for another term as Barrington’s senator.

Senator Watters pays attention to Barrington. He has heard our concerns about promoting jobs and technical education. He worked to find in a balanced budget with no new or increased taxes a way to make sure Barrington gets its fair share of education funding. He worked on legislation that provides paving for Rte. 125, and he helped restore funds that conserve Barrington’s special places. Barrington depends on expansion of business and on housing development, so Senator Watters cosponsored bills to cut red tape and increase the research and development tax credit. 

Leadership requires working in a bipartisan fashion and avoiding the extremism that so damaged New Hampshire two years ago. It’s why we needed a voice of common sense representing Barrington and why I am proud to call David Watters my Senator.

Duane Kimball